Pool Types

The Rundown

Swimming pools are complicated. Swimming pools are expensive. There’s no reason to detract from those facts. At Carolina Pool Consultants, we offer over 30 years of experience building certified, quality concrete pools that will culminate into making that complicated, expensive process the easiest on your mind and wallet than anywhere else you’ll find in Charlotte. And while the end result of swimming in your backyard is ultimately the same, what type of pool you choose makes a big difference in the long run. Here’s why:

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Concrete Pools

Many people ask why we only build inground concrete pools. The answer is simple! We will never sacrifice on quality, and if we built vinyl or fiberglass pools we could never live up to that honest standard.

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Vinyl Liner Pools

Everyone has a friend whose mother’s twice-removed great aunt Gertrude has a vinyl pool which hasn’t been replaced since the Civil War. Here’s the reality. Are you feeling lucky? Because that’s what it will come down to. It could be 1 year, it could be 12. But almost anything can negatively affect the structure – and when it breaks, so will your wallet.

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Fiberglass Pools

It’s against our moral philosophy as a custom pool designer to have someone at a factory manufacture your dream for you. If spider cracks, bulging walls and repair fees that effectively make you re-purchase the pool is your goal – Fiberglass pools will do the trick!

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Without question, the most important part of pool construction is your contractor. Who you choose as your contractor should be as important to you as the name of your first child. Prices, accessories, amenities are all great – but without a quality-minded contractor, your pool could end up being just a sinkhole of shortcuts instead of a solid, quality product that will stand the test of time.

And in case you were wondering, we’ve got the best guy for the job.